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Tiny Houses are Nothing New

cedar_outside-240-900-750-80-rd-255-255-255Tiny houses are all the rage right now.  These ultra small, affordable homes and vacation homes can be site built or built on a vehicle chassis and are sometimes the product of a do-it-yourself project and sometimes a manufactured or custom built project.  What they have in common is…well…that they are tiny, and they are houses.

But the idea of tiny houses is nothing new.  The recreational park trailer industry was spawned back in the 80s to provide an alternative to larger HUD mobile homes and smaller travel trailers.  Having park models licensed as recreational vehicles was a savvy move that helped to launch the industry in retirement destination states like Florida and Arizona.  But over the past 30 years the industry has grown and matured.  The materials have improved substantially, and the vision of park model home manufacturers has kept pace with customer expectations for affordable, durable, and attractive temporary or vacation homes.

Pinnacle Park Homes has been on the leading edge of this tiny home industry.  Our product is as attractive as any park model or comparable site built structure on the market today.  That’s because we pay attention to detail.  We care about what the customer wants.  And every home is custom built with the customer’s expectations in mind.

Of course, the industry is undergoing yet another evolution.  The “back to the basics” sensibility that our parents and grandparents understood and embraced is re-emerging.  The idea that we need to surround ourselves with so much stuff is being challenged by those who simply need to unplug from time-to-time and get out of the rat race.  A tiny home is a manifestation of this need to declutter and simplify.

Let Pinnacle Park Homes help you to realize your dream of a simpler life.  Our tiny homes come in a wide range of motifs from rustic cabins to seaside cottages and everything in between.  We’ll show you just how affordable it can be to own your own custom built tiny home from Pinnacle Park Homes.

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