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what-is-a-park-model-homeJust what is a park model home? Simply stated, park model homes are easily transportable homes built under 400 square feet and designed with permanent or long-term placement in mind. Park model homes are connected to necessary utilities on installation and offer the advantages of a full home in a small footprint. In addition, park model homes are ideal for placement among recreational vehicles and mobile homes and qualify as recreational vehicles themselves (and therefore qualify for many of the same regulations as RVs and/or mobile homes).

Park model homes are popularly utilized as cottage, retirement, or vacation homes but are also very popular among tiny house aficionados. Pinnacle Park Homes offers a range of customizable models, making our park model homes perfect for nearly any application. So when you ask the question “what is a park model home?” the answer from Pinnacle Park Homes is whatever you want!

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