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OUTSIDEPIC2-1What is the small house or tiny house movement? Quite simply, the small house movement (also commonly called “tiny houses”) is an architectural and social movement that promotes simple living in small sized houses and homes.

In the United States the average size of single family homes has almost doubled since the late 1970s. The small house movement can then be looked at in response to this growth; many Americans have felt a strong desire to simplify their homelife elegantly and efficiently through small or tiny houses.

At Pinnacle Park Homes, many of our park model homes are ideal for use as a small or tiny home. A park model home must be under 400 square feet, which corresponds to the small house movement’s 3 digit dimensions. Along with the smaller footprint, tiny homes are cheaper and more affordable to maintain than a larger house.

So what is the small house movement? It’s a return to simplified living in a manageable space and and answer to the clutter of modern life. Pinnacle offers many different base models for your tiny house project, you can quickly compare the different models using our floor plans:rustic exterior floor plans, vinyl sided exterior floor plans. Contact Pinnacle directly to discuss our models and your project, 1-866-574-5159.

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